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We need sponsors for 60+ Divisions and sponsors for Kids Trophies – Please HELP!

These special awards were presented at the 2017 Awards Banquet held in March of 2018.

Many of you have returned these trophies and we appreciate that! Some are still out. Please check the list for your name and contact Thomas Hancock via FB or email at to make arrangements to return the Perpetual Award for our 2019 Banquet being held 28 March 2020.

**Banquet Update**



It is with great frustration that our 4-H Club relays the bad news that the Mounted Wanderer's 4-H Banquet scheduled for 28 March will be POSTPONED due to the Corona Virus Pandemic here in the US. MD Governor Hogan announced Thursday, 12 March that he was banning ALL large social gatherings of 250 or more. 

The University of MD who oversees the 4-H Youth Program then released their own guidance which stated ANY 4-H event with more than 20 people in attendance MUST be cancelled or postponed.


So 4-H Activities are shut down for at least one month. Expectation is that it could go longer than 30 days. Just a wait, watch and see. 


For all those folks who completed their Banquet Reservation form and have mailed in checks, our club will be returning each of those checks.

The checks will be sent back to you via the mail. 


The Club is working on making a decision as to what the game plan will be. The Accokeek VFD Banquet Hall is booked solid through June. The only exception is the last Saturday in June which of course happens to be the day before our June Sunday show which we have already booked 2 judges for that show. However club also has paid in full for the rental fee/use of the Hall.


All the ribbons & awards have been ordered. The tall 34" trophies are NOT going to be built because honestly I don't have space to store these 34/35" tall trophies! 

Those big trophies are the only item left to order as they are created by a local trophy business. So when we make a decision on new date for the Awards Banquet, we will then give Crown Trophy the go-ahead to bulid the trophies and deliver to our Banquet!


So again, if you have already sent payment for dinner reservations, we wil be returning that check via reg mail. 


Watch our website and our FB page for updates as they become available....

With sincere regret, 

MWs 4-H 

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