NOTE: Our annual Horse Show Program Handbook is way too many pages to mail out. We will have copies available to pick up at the first show on May 29. Keep watching this OPEN HORSE SHOWS page too as we will post sections of the handbook here prior to our first show.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: We do NOT post our ENTRY FORMS. We use a color-coded system since we have 3 rings running simultaneously.  We also do NOT offer pre-registration so there is no need to post entry forms. Our horse show class entry fees are some of the VERY lowest in the tri-county area, if not THE lowest.
So we don't feel the need to have pre-registration process with our fees so low and we pay entry staff on show day to take your entries.
You are most welcome to take extra copies of the Entry Forms with you at the May 29 show or any show. Take home, fill out then you have ready to bring up to entry booth at the next show.

Also be aware that we spend club money to Xerox large print class lists for EACH ring. They too are colored coded. Blue = English, Lavender/Purple = Western, White = Trail Ring. Please take a copy - use this class list to circle or mark the classes you marked on your entry form. That way you KNOW what classes you entered. Take the large print class back to your trailer & post. Keep a copy in your pocket. We try to help keep you organized...

Mounted Wanderer's 4-H Club sponsors 4 shows a year.  Showa are open to all.  If you don't have a horse spectators are welcome and there is no fee to watch.  Come on out and meet some of the exhibitors riding at our shows you will have a blast!

We have an AMAZING awards banquet for the 4-Show Circuit.

Our Horse Shows are held at Oak Ridge Park in Hughesville, Maryland.

We have a class for every level rider for beginner lead line to novice rider to the advanced rider and classes for young horses in training.  Our club puts a lot of time and effort into our Horse Show Circuit and year End Awards Banquet.

We have 3 show rings running simultaneously with 3 judges

Open Horse Shows

Mounted Wanderer's 4-H Horse and Pony Club

2016 Open Horse Show Points

Trail Class Results