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Our Club holds a monthly 4-H meeting on the first Tuesday of each month.  We meet at 6:30pm at the United Methodist Church in La Plata, MD

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Please open and read about the changes posted here:

Please open and read about the changes posted here:

CLARIFICATION to the Circuit Rule #8 Regarding Champion & Reserve Awards - ALL

PLEASE Click Here and READ!


We hold 4 Open Circuit Horse Shows each year.  at Oak Ridge Park in Hughesville, Maryland

Please mark your calendars!

We took this week to regroup, contact the Park for available dates and then work on judges, ring stewards, announcer, gate personnel, set-up crew, entry staff and posting staff to see if we could get a make-up show put together. And we did! 

Bummer that Hurricane Matthew came inland a little farther than anticipated. The forecast on Friday before our show was just a quarter inch of rain and for the rain to stop by 5-6 pm. Then the forecast changed to half-inch on Sat and another inch overnight! 100% chance per the Weather Channel at 5:30 pm it said. Charlotte Hall/Hughesville ended up with over 2 and 1/2 inches of rain by Sunday morning when it finally stopped! At 6:00 pm Sat evening when our 4-H folks drove over to check out the grounds, it was still raining at the Park and it was already a sloppy mess there. So we made the decision to not even wait until the morning with the grounds in the shape it was and more rain forecasted overnight. We talked to the Park attendant at 8 am Sunday morning and it was STILL raining at that time. Per the Park POC, both rings had standing water, schooling area was total slop and parking was impossible for the number of trailers we need to fit into the grounds. Only option was to cancel, but we sure just HATE for
that to happen. We know everyone works really hard to get their horses ready and trailers packed for the show the next day. 

So as with any make-up show date, we also know the date will just not work for some folks to attend.
At for that we are so sorry but we truly felt we needed to try to get a 4th show in.
In order to have a successful Year-End Awards Banquet we really need the funds from 4 shows, recall we used to offer 5 shows a year and cut back to 4. 
We've already invested close to $1,000 in ribbons for the Oct show, and it would be really good if we could get some funds back in the treasury to
help pay for that expense we've already paid out. And of course we have 3 judges fees, park grounds rental, EMT fee and staff to pay so if you can, PLEASE come out and support our make-up show! Let's hope for a decent weather day and a good turnout to help pay our show bills!

October 30 will be our last attempt for a make-up show. The park was booked both Sunday, Oct 16 and Oct 23 and the 30th was only available because MD High School Rodeo moved their event from Oak Ridge that weekend. The time changes Sat, Nov 5 so we will not have enough daylight to get the show in after that happens. It will be dark at 5:15 pm by then!

NOTE! Remember our 3 show minimum participation rule for receiving a Grand or a Reserve Grand Award! Several folks in the points are showing only have participated at 2 shows so far based on the Sept HS points. You will need to attend this Oct 30 show in you are sitting in Grd/Res spot with only 2 shows.
Riding in the class/division at the Oct show will then ensure you meet the 3 show min participation rule and thus will receive your Grd/Res award item.

Speaking of Sept Show Points - will get them posted just as soon as we get mailing notification out to everyone about our make-up show.

Thanks everyone for all your support this 2016 Show Season. Look forward to seeing you all at our October 30 show!
-MW 4-H Club​

Thanks to all the Sept HS participants. As most of you know, Sept is a crazy busy month with all of our local county fairs going on. The Sept HS has been reconciled but not all the blank checks have been deposited. All checks that were left blank will be deposited however before the Oct 9 show this weekend.

Points after May & June shows are now posted. Working on points after Sept show and plan to have posted BEFORE the show this weekend.

September Trail Class results have been posted. See OPEN HORSE SHOW page.

NOTE! CHANGES to the 2016 Show Program - click on files below

Our 4-H Members participate in other Club County and State Events also

Sunday - May 29, 2016

Sunday - June 26, 2016

Sunday - Sept 4, 2016

Sunday - Oct 9, 2016

Rain Date for October 9th Show October 30, 2016

Once a year we hold an Awards Banquet for everyone who attends our Open horse Show Circuit

2016 Open Horse Show Circuit Dates

A mailing will be headed out to each person's house later this week to all of our folks on the MW Horse Show DB of addresses.  More Horse Show info will continue to be posted here on our website - keep checking the OPEN HORSE SHOW page.  Newsletter, Circuit Membership Form, a form that shows what Class #'s are associated w/ each Division will all be posted soon.  General rules, circuit rules, class descriptions and rules will follow before the week of the show.  2016 Show Programs with all this info in one nice, neat package will be available in HARD COPY at the first show on May 29th.
NOTE: Entry forms ARE NOT POSTED due to how we color code our 3 show rings.