Potential RAIN DATES for any 2017 shows cancelled

due to weather MAY include
Sunday, Aug 6, 2017  and  Sunday, Oct 29, 2017
Just please keep these dates in mind!

2017 Awards Banquet set for Sat, March 24, 2018
Yes, we have set a date for that already!! Back at the Accokeek VFD Banquet Hall

We hold 4 Open Circuit Horse Shows each year.  at Oak Ridge Park in Hughesville, Maryland

​​First Circuit Show May 28th super nice turnout: 129 riders
Thanks to everyone who came out to our first show of the season!!

NEXT SHOW - Sunday, June 25th!! Hope to see you all there!

May Show Recap:
Western show over at 2:45 pm, very slim entries over there - looking at the possibility of some divisions being cancelled if we don't have at least 2 or more entries in these classes at the June show - so Western riders - please spread the word! Find some western riders to come out and fill these classes!

English show over at 6:30 pm - 1 hour over our goal end time of 5:30 pm. HUGE turnouts in our O/F classes.
We will work on getting our O/F riders in & out faster but also think we had cross entries that were NOT supposed to be. Just as a REMINDER - we have SPECIAL rules for our O/F classes with a course of 4 or 5 fences to jump: If you ride in Beginner W/T O/F then you CANNOT ride in ANY other O/F classes, not OPEN W/T nor OPEN WTC and if you ride in OPEN W/T then you cannot ride in OPEN WTC. For these O/F courses you are ONLY ALLOWED to ride at ONE LEVEL. We want to keep the numbers of entries down in these classes that go one at a time. So again, we may have a few less entries for the June show as we believe some folks were riding in 4 course classes when you are ONLY allowed to do at most 2! Not talking about Hunter Hack classes - just the O/F classes that are courses.

HEADS UP TO PARENTS & TRAINERS of English Lead Line and English Walk Riders...
Please READ the attached SPECIAL NOTICE - this affects YOUR LL and Walk level ENG RIDERS.
All English Riders - please read this SPECIAL NOTICE as this may affect your estimated riding class start time beginning with class 66.
Click Here

May Trail Class results are posted under the Open Horse Shows page.
Working on reconciling the May show funds & circuit divisions.
For those who left BLANK checks, they have NOT been deposited yet. Almost ready to deposit all remaining...  Working on points to have posted before next show, June 25. Hope to see you all there!!

Thanks!  -Kg

Mounted Wanderer's 4-H Horse and Pony Club

Our 4-H Members participate in other Club County and State Events also

Open Horse Show Circuit Dates

Sunday - May 28, 2017

Sunday - June 25, 2017

Sunday - September 3, 2017

Sunday - October 8, 2017

Once a year we hold an Awards Banquet for everyone who attends our Open horse Show Circuit

Click here for more info about the FUN SHOW at Oak Ridge Park,

New Date June 3, 2017

4-H Events​


Awards Banquet​

Horse Shows​​

Please help us in thanking our 2016 - 2017 Sponsors

Attention 2017 Horse Show Exhibitors!
Little late in getting our 2017 Show Info up on the web site, goal was by last Sunday but didn't make it! 
Sorry for the delay!  We know everyone is excited to check out the class list and judges for the 2017 season.

Click here for our 2017 Class List, Show Ring Start Times & Judges
Click here for some just General Show Information

Please see our OPEN HORSE SHOWS page for all other Horse Show related stuff.
We are starting to post items daily! So all those 2017 headers will soon have data files associated with them.

​​​Happy 30th Anniversary Mounted Wanderer's OPEN Horse Show Circuit!!
2017 marks our 30th year of hosting an open show circuit to the local horse community.   WOW! Talk about a long-term 4-H Club Community Service Project!  Hope to see many of you at our first circuit horse show Sunday, May 28!

Club Meetings

Our Club holds a monthly 4-H meeting on the first Tuesday of each month.  We meet at 6:30pm at the United Methodist Church in La Plata, MD

04/14/2017:  We are still working on getting all of our sponsors added.