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Once a year we hold an Awards Banquet for everyone who attends our Open horse Show Circuit

Our 4-H Members participate in other Club County and State Events also

We hold 4 Open Circuit Horse Shows each year.  at Oak Ridge Park in Hughesville, Maryland

Horse Shows​​

Our Club holds a monthly 4-H meeting on the first Tuesday of each month.  We meet at 6:30pm at the United Methodist Church in La Plata, MD


Update as of Thursday, 27 October - 
Well everyone, let's hope the weather holds out for this weekend. So far, looking ok!
Forecast for weekend temps in the 70's; both on Saturday for prep day and Sunday for the show. One weather site showed 30% chance
of showers but that was later in the PM. Let's just hope any showers/rain/Tstorms just stay away so we can get this LAST show in and OVER WITH!

So sunrise is now around 7:30 am and sunset about 6:10 pm. So Western folks, you might plan that the Entry Booth may not be open until like 7:15 am, we do have one light in the booth but that's it. And English ring, we are going to move right along - hoping to get your ring started at 9:00 am and hopefully get your ring done by 5:30/5:45 so no one has to be loading up in pitch dark there at the Park. Everyone should know their classes and when they need to be at the in gate by now. So let's all be ready and keep the show moving!

Circuit Points after Sept HS are now posted! Go to the OPEN HORSE SHOW page to check them out.

Remember our 3 show minimum participation rule for receiving a Grand or a Reserve Grand Award ITEM! Several folks in the top 2 spots of a Division are showing only have participated at 2 shows so far based on the Sept HS points. You WILL NEED TO ATTEND this Oct 30 show if you are sitting in a Grd or Res spot with only 2 shows listed as "participated". Participated meaning that you either have points because you got a ribbon/placed or a "P" is listed because you rode in the class/division but did not place at that show. Recall the May show had rain move in about 2-3 pm and many of our circuit members baled/scratched classes that day. In the event that you did not participate in the class/division, you will see a slash (/).

Riding in the class/division at the Oct 30 show will then ensure you meet the 3 show min participation rule and thus are eligible to receive a Grd/Res award item.

See you folks at the show on Sunday!Type your paragraph here.

HorseMaster's4-H and Mounted Wanderer's 4-H Annual Fall Tack Swap, 4-H Horse Program Membership Drive and Horse Community Displays has been set for Saturday, November 19 at the Charles County Fairgrounds. Hope to see you there! Click here for the flyer to get more info and to reserve your space/table today.

Sunday - May 29, 2016

Sunday - June 26, 2016

Sunday - Sept 4, 2016

Sunday - Oct 9, 2016

Rain Date for October 9th Show October 30, 2016

2016 Open Horse Show Circuit Dates

A mailing will be headed out to each person's house later this week to all of our folks on the MW Horse Show DB of addresses.  More Horse Show info will continue to be posted here on our website - keep checking the OPEN HORSE SHOW page.  Newsletter, Circuit Membership Form, a form that shows what Class #'s are associated w/ each Division will all be posted soon.  General rules, circuit rules, class descriptions and rules will follow before the week of the show.  2016 Show Programs with all this info in one nice, neat package will be available in HARD COPY at the first show on May 29th.
NOTE: Entry forms ARE NOT POSTED due to how we color code our 3 show rings.

Please open and read about the changes posted here:

Please open and read about the changes posted here:

CLARIFICATION to the Circuit Rule #8 Regarding Champion & Reserve Awards - ALL

PLEASE Click Here and READ!