Sunday - May 29, 2016

Sunday - June 26, 2016

Sunday - Sept 4, 2016

Sunday - Oct 9, 2016

2016 Open Horse Show Circuit Dates

NEXT HORSE SHOW - Sunday, June 26 - Circuit Show #2 of 4
Hope to see you there!

THANK YOU Exhibitors for the AWESOME turnout at our first show on May 29th! WOW - 160 riders/horses registered! And to date, we have 99 circuit memberships for Year-End Awards. Unfortunately, the weather folks had it right for our May show - too bad they couldn't have been wrong THIS time like they are so many other times! They all said rain showers from Tropical Storm Bonnie moving in for the afternoon and yes we saw the rain hit the show grounds about 2:30/3:00 pm. Wish it could have held off until 5:30 pm when the May show finished up but hey, can't control Mother Nature. With no lightning we could keep going so glad we were able to finish up and get all the classes done! At least after the initial downpour, it let up to just showers & sprinkles then more showers...Thank you to everyone that stayed and kept riding to the end - you folks are THE BEST! 

Still working on reconciling the May show so have not deposited ANY blank checks that were left at the May show. When I have gone through all the forms and filled in the all the blank checks, will make ONE last deposit. For folks that left open/blank checks - if you scratched classes due the weather, you were not charged for those classes. For folks that paid cash but didn't wait around for a refund, you will see your name on the "ISSUES LIST" and you will have a credit to use at the next show.

Working on 2016 May HS Points, plan to post before next horse show BUT the Southern Maryland Invitational Livestock Expo is Thursday - June 23-26 and our WebAdmin will be attending that event with her kids and animals. So if the points don't get posted on the website, please bear with us! 

May Trail Class results have been posted. See OPEN HORSE SHOW page.

CHANGES to the 2016 Show Program - ENGLISH Riders ONLY:

Please open and read about the changes posted here:

CLARIFICATION to the Circuit Rule #8 Regarding Champion & Reserve Awards - ALL

PLEASE Click Here and READ!

Thanks again everyone for a great start to our 2016 - 29th Annual Show Circuit!
See you at the June 26th show!
MW Show Manager

A mailing will be headed out to each person's house later this week to all of our folks on the MW Horse Show DB of addresses.  More Horse Show info will continue to be posted here on our website - keep checking the OPEN HORSE SHOW page.  Newsletter, Circuit Membership Form, a form that shows what Class #'s are associated w/ each Division will all be posted soon.  General rules, circuit rules, class descriptions and rules will follow before the week of the show.  2016 Show Programs with all this info in one nice, neat package will be available in HARD COPY at the first show on May 29th.
NOTE: Entry forms ARE NOT POSTED due to how we color code our 3 show rings.


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Once a year we hold an Awards Banquet for everyone who attends our Open horse Show Circuit

Our 4-H Members participate in other Club County and State Events also

We hold 4 Open Circuit Horse Shows each year.  at Oak Ridge Park in Hughesville, Maryland

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